Montana Pine Resort Review: The best hotel in Ölüdeniz


Here is my full and honest Montana Pine Resort review, covering everything from the location and grounds, to the rooms, bars and pools. I visited the all-inclusive resort in late July 2018 and loved the whole experience from start to finish. Here’s why I think Montana Pine is the BEST hotel in Ölüdeniz, Turkey.

Montana Pine Resort Review: Location

Montana Pine Resort is located in between the two busy Turkish towns of Oludeniz and Hisaronu in the Fethiye district of Southwest Turkey. These towns are both ideal for tourists looking to make the most of their time in Turkey.

Montana Pine Resort offers a free shuttle bus to and from the Oludeniz main beach multiple times a day, meaning you can make the most of the surrounding areas.

You can also get a taxi from the hotel in mere seconds: walk down to the hotel security gate and the guard will get a taxi for you almost instantly, with prices that won’t cripple your wallet. For example, taxi prices to Hisaronu from the hotel are only (the equivalent of) £1.75 for the whole family. You’ll definitely have no trouble getting around!

Things to do in Oludeniz:

There is no shortage of things to do in Oludeniz: boat trips, jeep safari tours, quad biking, scuba diving, water sports, hiking trails, and if you’re brave enough (like me, hehe!), paragliding from the nearby mountain summit! Oludeniz beach is a long, white shingle beach with ample access to bars, restaurants, cafés and shops.

However, there are also private beaches mere minutes from the Oludeniz beach that are sandy and far less busy, located around the infamous Blue Lagoon. Access to the beautiful and docile Seahorse Beach, for example, is only 25 Turkish lira (under £3) and provides a shuttle to and from your hotel, sun loungers and umbrellas.

Read my full guide on things to do in Oludeniz to find out more!

Things to do in Hisaronu:

Hisaronu is even closer to the hotel. I spent a couple of evenings in Hisaronu and the taxi ride from the hotel is around 3 minutes. It’s definitely in walking distance if that suits you.

Hisaronu is a great place to spend a couple of evenings away from the resort if you’re looking to shake things up. There are plenty of restaurants, bars showing all sorts of sport and shops selling genuine fakes.

At night, the town comes alive with lights. There’s karaoke bars at every corner, dancing on bars encouraged, plenty of drag shows and other entertainment, as well as a mini funfair.

Turkey is famous for their crazy markets! Find out what to buy in Turkey in Carpe Diem Our Way‘s guide to the best Turkish souvenirs.

Oludeniz Weather in Summer Months:

The average summer temperatures of this area ranges between 25 Degrees Celsius to 40 Degrees Celsius. During my time in Turkey in late July, we consistently experienced temperates of mid to high 30s, and were lucky to have daily clear skies (though you don’t have to be too lucky to have sunny days in Turkey!).

Visiting the nearby Oludeniz beach, the heat can become almost too much as there is minimal breeze. However, Montana Pine Resort is located 4km from the beach, nestled high up in the hills, meaning the resort gets a good amount of cooling breeze from the surrounding mountain air.

Airport transfers to Montana Pine Resort from Dalaman Airport:

Most tour operators organise free transport from Dalaman airport. Although it takes around an hour to reach Montana Pine Resort from Dalaman, being a small hotel, the transfers are usually stress-free. We were transported from the airport in a small, air-conditioned minivan shared with one other family. We could spread out, kick back and relax while being transported to the hotel.

Montana Pine Resort Review: Grounds

The only downside of the most hotels in Oludeniz and the surround area is how popular they are during the summer months. Hotels down on the beach can become rammed with tourists squabbling over sun loungers and the best spot by the pool, removing the element of peace that we all desire from a summer holiday.

At Montana Pine Resort, unlike some Oludeniz hotels, peace is the whole objective. The whole expansive resort only has 150 rooms, meaning there is space for everyone. Cosied up in the pine forests, set in the Turkish hills and overlooked by Babadag mountain, the resort is a place of tranquil and relaxation.

The grounds of Montana Pine Resort are really the star of the show and what makes me yearn to go back. The resort is designed to feel like a hillside village. All the buildings throughout the hotel are made predominantly from warmly coloured pinewood. As opposed to the large imposing flats that most resorts use, the rooms are housed in buildings that resemble large yet cosy huts, nestled within the trees.

The whole resort is a botanical wonderland. The winding dove grey stone paths are surrounded by a medley of pine and palm trees. Each day the gardeners spend hours watering the thousands of flowers of endless different varieties and colours. You’ll be pressed to find a spot on the grounds that isn’t damned well immaculate.

I hardly ever say this but… I don’t think the pictures even do the beauty of this resort justice. My heart actually swells remembering how incredibly pretty this Turkish hotel was.

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Montana Pine Resort Review: Spa

The resort also has its own spa on the grounds called Crocus Spa. I had two full-length (50 minute) massages during my stay, each costing the equivalent of £13, which is an absolute steal compared to spa costs in the UK. You can also get a Turkish Hamam for the equivalent of £8.

There are multiple massage packages on offer if you really want to make the most of the spa while you’re there, including the ‘Spa Journey,’ which is a package of four full-length massages across four days, each originating from a different culture. You can experience a variety of different massages from Turkey, Bali, Japan and France for a total price of £40, making that £10 per massage. Whaaaat?! I know.

It may sounds like I’m pushing these spa treatments down your throat but massages are so beneficial to your mind and body. During the everyday hustle and bustle we rarely take the time to look after ourselves and for such an affordable price, I really think it’s worth it, which its why I made sure I had a couple while I was there.

Trust me, spending all morning by the pool, going for a massage at the spa mere minutes away and returning to the pool immediately afterwards for a cold drink and a nap… it’s paradise.

You can also use the steam room, hot tub and Turkish baths for free anytime throughout your stay without buying any treatments.

I didn’t take any pictures in the spa because, well, I was too busy relaxing but rest assured, it’s absolutely beautiful and smells like a dream. (*Heart eyes*)

Montana Pine Resort Review: Rooms

The rooms are probably the only element of the resort that isn’t completely perfect.* Although my room was designed well, always immaculately clean and had all the facilities I needed there was one problem: it wasn’t really suitable for the number of people it was sold for.

If you’re travelling as a couple or a couple with a small child, you’ll have no problem. However, we had three adults in one room, which was supposedly suited for three people. There was one double bed and one single bed that was only just big enough for an adult. The single bed was also right under the air conditioning, making it a little cold throughout the night.

As well as this, there definitely wasn’t enough storage space for three adults. Adding a few more drawers, shelves, replacing the bedside table with a cabinet and implementing some hooks could easily remedy this problem!

In retrospect, this could have been due to the fact that we upgraded our room from a double to a triple very last minute, meaning that the room was quickly adapted for three people, however I can’t be sure.

On the other hand, the double room I saw was great for two people and the perfect space for a couple.

Room facilities:

  • Air con.
  • Ensuite bathroom.
  • Great shower with two heads.
  • Wardrobes with drawers and hangers.
  • Hairdryer.
  • Phone.
  • LDC TV with 20 satellite channels.
  • Make-up mirror with built-in lighting.
  • Mini-fridge (refilled everyday with water and juice).
  • Balcony.
  • Towels (replaced every two days or whenever requested).
  • Hot drink making facilities.
  • Safety deposit box (big enough for laptops).
  • Wifi coverage.

The rooms are also made up to a great standard everyday unless you place the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door. The maids are all very lovely and work hard to ensure you have a great stay so don’t forget to tip them at the end of your holiday!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the foresight to take pictures of the rooms at the resort. (I’m a disappointment, I know).

*I stayed in a standard room throughout my stay, superior rooms and suites are likely to be different.

Montana Pine Resort Review: Restaurants and Food

I think everyone can agree: the most important thing at an all-inclusive resort is the food. It’s all well and good having food and drink included in the price of your stay but if the food isn’t any good, what’s the point?

While travelling around the local area, I met and spoke to other tourists at all-inclusive hotels in Oludeniz Turkey. I was surprised to find out that so many other tourists were disappointed with the food at their accommodation. They felt that it was a complete waste of money paying for an all-inclusive resort when they were eating out every night in order to get good meals.

At Montana Pine, we were lucky enough to not have this problem. The food was so varied and made to a high quality all over the resort. There were a couple of places around the resort complex where you can get food including the Marmara bar where you can get lunch and afternoon snacks.

Pinewood Restaurant:

The main restaurant at Montana Pine Resort is the Pinewood Restaurant. This is where the all-inclusive breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets are. The food at Pinewood restaurant was amazing every single day. Every lunch and dinner there were completely different food options so I never got bored of what was on offer. The food is cooked right in front of you and then put into the buffet plates immediately. There’s also a massive salad bar, a pizza oven and ice cream stand every mealtime.

I was pleasantly surprised that the vegetarian food options were always impressive. I was never stuck eating plain vegetables and rice, which has been the case elsewhere. However, on one occasion the vegetable pasta dish (marked as vegetarian) had mince in and I had to kick up a fuss.

On the whole, however, I loved the food at the hotel restaurant.

Turkish Night:

Once a week the resort puts on a Turkish dining experience. These nights are held outside around the Marmara pool. This was definitely one of the best nights for food and entertainment. I loved the Turkish flatbread and biber salcasi made in the traditional way right in front of you. They also made kebabs fresh on the grill to order as well as many other traditional Turkish recipes.

Once it got dark, the music became more upbeat and the staff encourage the guests to dance. One of the waitresses came around the pool in a little wooden boat throwing flowers over everyone.

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View from Pinewood Restaurant







Montana Pine Resort Review: Pools

The resort is home to three pools, which may not sound like a lot. However, the beauty of Montana Pine Resort is that it doesn’t need more than three pools. Each pool has it’s own bar and plenty of sun loungers so there’s no fighting between guests!

Marmara and Ege Pool:

Marmara is the main pool, located seconds away from the lobby and Pinewood restaurant. It’s also where you can find the snack bar if you don’t want to go to the main restaurant for lunch. The pool is 2 metres deep all the way across so it’s the best spot for serious swimmers. The water from the Ege Pool above creates a waterfall down into Marmara pool, creating a relaxing soundscape of cascading water.

Ege Pool is just up the steps from the Marmara Pool. It’s the smallest pool and you can also find a shallow toddler’s pool next to it, so it may be ideal if you have little ones to look after.

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montana pine resort review, oludeniz hotels, hotels in oludeniz, ölüdeniz hotels, olu deniz hotels

Dolphin Pool:

The Dolphin Pool was my favourite pool, not only because it was literally 30 seconds from my room, but also because it’s situated on the outskirts of the resort. This means it feels even more tranquil than the rest of the resort and detached from the hustle and bustle of the restaurant and snack bars during lunchtime.

Overlooked by mountains and surrounded by a blanket of trees, this pool is the ideal spot for ultimate relaxation. Like all the pools, it has it’s own bar so you can easily get drinks throughout the day. The Dolphin Pool Bar is also home to the resort’s best bartender, Reza! If you’re lucky enough he’ll still be working there during your stay.

Here’s a little (tiny) video snippet of the Dolphin Pool. It’s also my first attempt at uploading onto Youtube for a long time so bear with me if there’s any issues with the video:

Montana Pine Resort Review: Entertainment and Trips

Resort Facilities:

Like any four-star resort, Montana Pine has a great deal of facilities on offer to keep you occupied. These include a volleyball court, archery, mini golf and a gym that is so air-conditioned you think you’ve stepped back into the UK!

There’s activities going on everyday all over the complex such as air rifle practice, archery practice, aqua gym sessions and also daily Turkish lessons. I loved the fact that there’s opportunity to learn a bit of the local language right at the hotel.

Nightly entertainment at the Ege Bar:

Every night the resort puts on entertainment at the Ege Bar. I’ve stayed at a variety of all-inclusive resorts in Turkey throughout my life and found the entertainment to be, whilst entertaining, a little cringe-worthy. It often consists of a team of the same entertainment reps who put on different shows throughout the week. Some people love getting to know the performers by name and seeing them take the stage each night. However, it’s not really my cup of tea.

What I loved about the entertainment at Montana Pine Resort is that they outsource their talent from all over the world. There was a massive variety in shows every night, from fire dancers and Zimbabwean acrobats to classical Spanish guitar masters and elite Colombian salsa dancers.

Every night that I showed up to the Ege bar I expected to be entertained, but I didn’t expect to be inspired and awed by the sheer variety of talent on stage. 

Montana Boat Trip:

One of the highlights of my stay was the Montana Boat Trip, organised on the hotel’s privately owned boat. I’ve been on many boat trips over the years and none have been as peaceful and luxurious as this.

There were only 12 people onboard the boat. Everyone gets their own plush, comfy sun mattress, either in the sun or shade on the deck of the boat. The boat took us round some of Fethiye’s most beautiful bays and islands. They allowed us to swim and kayak in the sea for hours.

We also were provided with a delicious lunch and afternoon tea on board. The hotel owns the boat so all drinks, food and snacks on the trip were free.

Montana Pine Resort Review… Sunset Bar!

One of the surprise bonuses of the resort is the sunset bar, which is a five-minute walk from the lobby! While the majority of Montana Pine Resort is shrouded in pine forests, up at the sunset bar you can get breathtaking views of the sea and Oludeniz bay.

If you want some extra peace and quiet, this spot is open all day and has very few visitors. It really makes you feel like you are alone in the wilderness up there. Bushes, flowers and trees, mountains and ocean all surround you.

However, the bar only serves drinks in the evening at, you guessed it, sunset. This is by far the best time to visit the bar, soak in the sunset views over a drink and take some snaps.

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TL; DR: The BEST hotel in Ölüdeniz:

To summarise my Montana Pine Resort review, I’ve decided to give a snappy overview of the negatives and positives of my stay there to emphasise why I think it’s one of the best Oludeniz hotels:


  • Vegetarian food not always accurately signposted! (only happened once but still a big no-no)
  • Not much storage space in rooms.
  • Wasp-haven (or hell!) at dusk on the balcony at the Pinewood restaurant.


  • Great location, almost too many activities to do!
  • Stunning, immaculate grounds.
  • Multiple pools each with their own bar (and plenty of sunloungers!).
  • Lovely staff, you feel you’ve made many friends by the end of your stay.
  • Excellent food, great drinks.
  • Breathtaking views, especially from the sunset bar.
  • Unique and quality entertainment.
  • Clean rooms everyday.
  • Celebrates Turkish culture.

As you can see, the positives totally outweigh the few negatives. However, I wanted this Montana Pine Resort review to be completely honest so it’s important to cover every element of the stay, good and bad.

I absolutely loved my stay at this hotel. It was one of the best hotel stays I’ve ever experienced. I cannot stress enough how much I would recommend Montana Pine Resort over any hotel in Ölüdeniz.*

I hope you loved this Montana Pine Resort review! Now, over to you: what’s the prettiest hotel you’ve ever visited? This is definitely mine! Let me know your answer in the comments!

Lots of love,

Give it a pin!

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

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