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Learning a Language: 10 Super Easy Ways to Learn at Home


You don’t need to have a degree to become fluent in a foreign language these days with so many resources at our fingertips with the internet. I’ve been learning French from a very young age, with my mum always wanting me to be bilingual she bought the ‘Muzzy’ language programme for me to watch as a kid, -hands up if anyone remembers good ol’ Muzzy- I always had a few French games scattered around the house and knew the very…

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3 Day Trip to Iceland: Disasters in the Snow


On our second full day in Iceland we visited Blue Lagoon, a Geothermal Spa and one of the most popular attractions in the country. We’d booked to visit Blue Lagoon online a few weeks before we arrived and got a deal that included transport there and back via coach from the bus station in Reykjavik. I definitely recommend this rather than getting a taxi if you’re trying to watch the pennies. On the journey to Blue Lagoon we went through…

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The Travel Bug Bit Me: Finding Out My Passions


In September 2015, I took a mini European travel break through Budapest, Paris and Amsterdam with my best friends Cloé and Lyd. The trip was a spontaneous decision. We knew we didn’t have much money or time to spare but wanted to get a taste of places we’d never been before. We chose to travel to our three destinations because they were all so different- different locations, languages and cultures. Flying between each country, we had a lot of pressure…

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3 days in Amsterdam: Our First Travel Disasters


As soon as we arrived in Amsterdam, everything seemed to go wrong. This is where the deposit from Vélib bikes in Paris came back to bite us. We had all of our travel money stored on one shared travel-card for ease and this is what we used to pay for the bike deposits. When we arrived at our hostel, we were horrified to find that we didn’t have enough money left on the card to pay. We had hardly any…

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The First Post of My Travel Journey


Hi, I’m Tasha and this is the first post of my new and shiny blog. If you’ve read my ‘about’ page you’ll know I’m currently a student based in Leeds studying English Literature. I spend lots of time reading old books in old libraries and although I do love rambling these fictional worlds, my main passion is exploring this world. That’s what this blog is going to be about. I’m going to document my adventures in writing and pictures as…

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