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5 Off the Beaten Track Destinations in France


I’ve spent at a lot of time since September travelling around France during the weekends, making the most of my year abroad and visiting some of its lesser-known destinations. Most of France is completely obscured by the bright shining light of its capital, Paris. The capital of France is one of the most popular city breaks in the world but a lot of the places that I consider my favourites in France are often not on the radar of many…

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Learning a Language: 10 Super Easy Ways to Learn at Home


You don’t need to have a degree to become fluent in a foreign language these days with so many resources at our fingertips with the internet. I’ve been learning French from a very young age, with my mum always wanting me to be bilingual she bought the ‘Muzzy’ language programme for me to watch as a kid, -hands up if anyone remembers good ol’ Muzzy- I always had a few French games scattered around the house and knew the very…

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3 days in Paris: Museums, Jardins and more


This is part 2 of my adventures in Paris! Check out part 1 here Musée Louvre + Jardin des Tuileries  We were so lucky to be close to the Louvre because my god, it is a truly spectacular piece of architecture. When you think of the Louvre, the new glass pyramid structures are what first come to mind, but the medieval palace surrounding the courtyard is really what takes your breath away. Again, we could access the museum for free but we…

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