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India Itinerary for a Month: Rajasthan and Uttarakhand


So, it’s finally time for me to get round to writing about my trip to India this past Christmas. It’s only been six months, after all. I always prefer to write about a place while the memories are fresh in my mind, whilst I’m on the road or when I’ve just returned and although I do often procrastinate from this plan and take a while to actually publish my posts, there’s something more to what made me so delayed in…

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Montserrat Day Trip from Barcelona: Your Ultimate Guide to Montserrat National Park


This last February, I spent 4 days in the beautiful Barcelona basking in its ever-sunny climate and exploring the Catalan culture and history. Barcelona is a beautiful city and I recommend that everyone visits once in their lives just for the architecture alone. However, anyone who knows me knows that I love the outdoors¬†and my favourite day on my Barcelona trip was the day trip I took to Montserrat National Park. In fact, Barcelona was extremely low down on my…

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UK Destinations Outside of London: Ilkley Moor

England Outside London

According to the International Passenger Survey, there were 27.31 m¬†visits to Britain by international tourists in 2015. However, over half of them were solely visits to London. I grew up in the suburbs of London and spent my childhood exploring the city with family and my teenage years lurking the street corners of Camden, wearing doc martens and too much eyeliner… London is a great city and I love it to pieces, you should definitely visit it at some point…

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