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India itinerary 1 month: Uttarakhand and Rajasthan itinerary


India is an extremely vast country. In size, it’s over 3 MILLION km squared, which makes it 13 times bigger than the UK. Yet, India is also enormously varied from place to place. From the mountainous region of Kashmir and the smoggy intensity of Delhi to the blissful beaches of Goa and the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, almost every state in India is infinitely different to the next. I truly believe you could explore India for several lifetimes and still…

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Montserrat Tour from Barcelona: Ultimate guide to a Montserrat Day Trip


I never really wanted to visit Barcelona. I’ve just never had an interest in it as a destination. There’s no specific reason why, it just didn’t excite or inspire me. That was until I found out about Montserrat National Park. It’s not an exactly mainstream destination, but there was a period when every time I looked at my Instagram feed, a picture of Montserrat in Barcelona would stop me mid-scroll. The unique landscape, the craziness of the monastery cozied up…

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UK Destinations Outside of London: Ilkley Moor

England Outside London

According to the International Passenger Survey, there were 27.31 m visits to Britain by international tourists in 2015. However, over half of them were solely visits to London. I grew up in the suburbs of London and spent my childhood exploring the city with family and my teenage years lurking the street corners of Camden, wearing doc martens and too much eyeliner… London is a great city and I love it to pieces, you should definitely visit it at some point…

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