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Guide to Krakow: Polish City Breaks


Guide to Krakow This is my guide to Krakow, the second instalment in my three-part guide to a city break in Krakow. To check out part one, a guide to the capital of Warsaw, click here. Here’s the lowdown on the best places to stay, what landmarks to see and a few other tips and tricks! Arriving in Krakow We stayed a few days longer in Krakow, which I was happy about considering how short our stay in Warsaw was.…

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guide to warsaw, polish cities, warsaw, poland, city break

Guide to Warsaw: Polish City Breaks


Guide to Warsaw: Polish City Breaks This is the first instalment of a three-part guide to Poland. First and foremost is my guide to Warsaw, the capital of Poland. In April 2017 I went to Poland for the first time and fell in love with it’s character, architecture and shockingly cheap prices. I went as part of a three-city trip for my best friend’s 21st birthday. We visited Berlin, Warsaw and Krakow in an urban adventure that was heavily characterised…

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India itinerary 1 month: Uttarakhand and Rajasthan itinerary


India is an extremely vast country. In size, it’s over 3 MILLION km squared, which makes it 13 times bigger than the UK. Yet, India is also enormously varied from place to place. From the mountainous region of Kashmir and the smoggy intensity of Delhi to the blissful beaches of Goa and the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, almost every state in India is infinitely different to the next. I truly believe you could explore India for several lifetimes and still…

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The Travel Bug Bit Me: Finding Out My Passions


In September 2015, I took a mini European travel break through Budapest, Paris and Amsterdam with my best friends Cloé and Lyd. The trip was a spontaneous decision. We knew we didn’t have much money or time to spare but wanted to get a taste of places we’d never been before. We chose to travel to our three destinations because they were all so different- different locations, languages and cultures. Flying between each country, we had a lot of pressure…

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3 days in Amsterdam: Our First Travel Disasters


As soon as we arrived in Amsterdam, everything seemed to go wrong. This is where the deposit from Vélib bikes in Paris came back to bite us. We had all of our travel money stored on one shared travel-card for ease and this is what we used to pay for the bike deposits. When we arrived at our hostel, we were horrified to find that we didn’t have enough money left on the card to pay. We had hardly any…

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Budapest Part Two: Across the River Danube


Buda and pest are separated by the River Danube- Buda on the West side and Pest on the East. Both are very different places. Historically, Pest is the town of the commoners, whilst Buda was where the wealthy population and royalty would reside. It’s easy to see the distinction between the two: Pest has a dense population, full of shops, markets and restaurant whereas Buda is home to the Buda Castle, the Castle district and the old fortress Citadella, upon Gellért…

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