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Guide to Krakow: Polish City Breaks


Guide to Krakow This is my guide to Krakow, the second instalment in my three-part guide to a city break in Krakow. To check out part one, a guide to the capital of Warsaw, click here. Here’s the lowdown on the best places to stay, what landmarks to see and a few other tips and tricks! Arriving in Krakow We stayed a few days longer in Krakow, which I was happy about considering how short our stay in Warsaw was.…

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3 day itinerary for Barcelona: A Barcelona Weekend Itinerary


This is a 3 day itinerary for Barcelona, sorted by theme and location into the perfect 3 days trip. By the end of this post you’ll know what to see in Barcelona in 3 days, where to stay, how to get around and also some interesting history about the city. Encompassed in history, culture and crazy architecture, a trip to Barcelona city is the perfect way to spend the weekend. There’s certainly enough to do to enchant you for 3 perfect days on…

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