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Underrated London: North, East, South West.

England london

My last post focused on all places that are within walking distance of each other, however there’s more to London than those famous landmarks in the centre and once you’ve seen them, there’s way more to explore further out. This post will be split into four sections: North, East, South and West and I’ll share a couple of things from each zone. If you’re spending quite a long time in the big city, I’d recommend spending a day in each…

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1 Day in London: Amazing one day walking tour of London

England london

Although I’ve dedicated a large part of my blog to those beautiful places in the UK outside London that are often unfairly neglected and overlooked by tourists and the media, like the Yorkshire Dales, Newcastle, Northumberland and North Wales, there is a reason why London is so popular. Along with New York and Paris, London is one of the most iconic cities in the world. The English capital is concentrated with gorgeous architecture, shrouded in fascinating history and unsurprisingly, there are so…

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UK Destinations Outside of London: Ilkley Moor

England Outside London

According to the International Passenger Survey, there were 27.31 m visits to Britain by international tourists in 2015. However, over half of them were solely visits to London. I grew up in the suburbs of London and spent my childhood exploring the city with family and my teenage years lurking the street corners of Camden, wearing doc martens and too much eyeliner… London is a great city and I love it to pieces, you should definitely visit it at some point…

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The First Post of My Travel Journey


Hi, I’m Tasha and this is the first post of my new and shiny blog. If you’ve read my ‘about’ page you’ll know I’m currently a student based in Leeds studying English Literature. I spend lots of time reading old books in old libraries and although I do love rambling these fictional worlds, my main passion is exploring this world. That’s what this blog is going to be about. I’m going to document my adventures in writing and pictures as…

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