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Improvised Travel: A Blessing or a Curse?


As we left so early from Krka, by the time we arrived back in the bus station in Split, it was only about midday. We had the whole day, and nearly two weeks in front of us but still no concrete plans. The temperature had soared that day, my back was sweating under the immense weight of my backpack and I was starting to worry that we had no flights booked home, or any idea where we would even be…

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Ultimate Guide to Le Mans: A Secret French Town


UntilĀ I was contacted about the opportunity to visit Le Mans for three weeks and take part in the French summer school, I had admittedly never heard of the town before other than as the location of a famous car race. Being not exactly interested in sports, a part of me was thinking… wouldn’t it be better if this opportunity was in Paris or somewhere along the French riviera? I had assumed that there wouldn’t be much to see and I’d…

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